1-2 hours




  1. Spice up the rice: in a bowl, add washed rice, butter and spices. Mix them well.

  2. Prepare your baking dish: line the bottom and the sides of your baking dish with parchment paper.

  3. Add tomato and meat: add tomato slices to the bottom of the pan then top that with the browned ground meat.

  4. Arrange eggplant: arrange eggplant slices so they are overlapping and hanging on the sides of the dish. Make sure to cover the bottom well.

  5. Adding rice: add the rice mixture, pour boiling cooking liquid ( water or broth), then flip the hanging eggplant slices over to close.

  6. Bake: bake the rice dish in a 400F preheated oven until rice is totally cooked.

  7. Cool and flip: let it cool down for 15 minutes then flip it over your serving dish. Garnish with toasted nuts and parsley.

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