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The Reykjavík Mosque (Icelandic: Moskan í Reykjavík Arabic: Masjid an-nuur The Mosque of the Light) is a mosque and gathering area for Muslims in Iceland. It is located in the Ármúli district. The mosque was opened in 2002 by the Muslim Association of Iceland after requesting the city government for permission to build a purpose-built mosque in 2000, with no swift response.

It offers Friday prayers every week and it is also open for all other prayers during the day from Fajr to Isha.

In January 2009, a new wooden altar was built by members of the association. On Sundays, there are Quran lessons for kids of different ages.There are also meetings for different subjects of Muslims in Iceland. Permission to build a purpose-built mosque was first sought in 1999. The city government authorized a plot of land much smaller than requested but did not approve the building plans. The project stalled when approval of additional land and further progress was tied to approval of the adjacent Russian Orthodox church. This delay was 'especially signalled as a possible sign of prejudice against Muslims by the ECRI (European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance) human rights report on Iceland in 2007. On July 6, 2013, Reykjavík City Council, under the leadership of Jón Gnarr, gave permission for an 800 square metre purpose-built mosque in Reykjavík, with a roof no higher than nine metres and a ten-metre minaret, in the easternmost part of Sogamýri, between Miklubraut and Suðurlandsbraut. Following a design competition, a design was chosen in 2015 by Gunnlaugur Stefán Baldursson and Pia Bickmann; the mosque is to include a prayer hall, library, information centre and probably a restaurant. According to the chair of the Muslim Association of Iceland, Ibrahim Sverrir Agnarsson, "My hope is that the mosque can serve as a statement of liberalism, open to all, a place where a North African laborer can pray next to a U. S. businessman."

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reviews from few of our regular visitors

Beautiful place of a worship for Muslim. Open to all. Perhaps this is the best and most visited mosque in Iceland. It’s multipurpose place with weekend and weekday Islamic school college, wedding centre, circumcision services , adult learning courses, house of different charities and above all a community gathering place. Must visit and I’m sure u will feel the attachment to this holy place. >Alberto Duncan
One of the biggest Mosques in Iceland. Well designed and accommodates people of all culture. If you are looking to explore/understand Islam and would like to learn about the functions of a Mosque, then this is the Mosque to visit. Highly recommended! Joana Silva
Its a grand, beautiful and well maintained place of worship. Lots of praying halls and rooms. Large ablution area. I think all these factors are good as the mosque is located in a high crowded area. Milton Chapman

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